July 25, 2012

You Should Recycle Computers

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There are many benefits to this modern time that we live in, but also some related disadvantages. The advantages to super-fast technological evolution are well known and bear no repeating. There are some disadvantages however. Your PC gets old in a record amount of time like computers never have in the past. It becomes impossible to sell in only a short amount of time, even as used goods!

The PC is unlike a lot of other things you own. It’s not something you can get rid of on your own. There are very tough and strict regulations on how to dispose of electronics, and it’s impossible for the average layman to follow them, and I mean utterly impossible. This is why someone came up with the idea of computer recycling companies who can actually do this for you.

And then it is pretty clear that those who care about the environment have only one possible choice in this situation. It’s not like you can try to recycle it yourself. If you want to properly dispose of an old PC, you have just one choice, to go a computer recycling company and let them handle it for you and somehow recycle everything following proper environmental procedures as such.

One thing I would point out against any perfectionistic environmentalists who might be reading is that all recycling companies will do a fine job. There is no need to worry if one does better for the environment then another. They all do a very nice job at it, and they all go ahead and do everything right when push comes to shove. They all follow regulations and standard procedures.

And then you want to know that the PC recycler makes their money from recycling itself. In some states they are subsidized too, but they primarily make money reselling parts they extract from the old PC, or raw material they produce from recycling your old computer. This is how they can afford to make the service so comfortable for you while free. This is why they can afford to travel to your place to pick up stuff.

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