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November 11, 2011

Will The Ideal Fuel For Our Automobiles Ever Exist?

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There was a time when everyone went out to buy diesel engine vehicles, because gas was more expensive than diesel fuel. But the rates for all varieties of fuel are rising so many people are concerned. Particularly these days when diesel costs are higher than regular gasoline. The majority of the top scientists, technologists and environmentalists are searching for new and better alternatives to fossil fuels.

The diesel engine was setup to run on peanut oil or vegetable seed oil but that never happened because petroleum was still much cheaper. Folks tend to have ignored that these engines could use natural oils, and it is now making a comeback. Biodiesel is something that is manufactured by making use of animal fats, soybean oil, vegetable oil and old restaurant grease. There exists a blend referred to as B20 which is 80% petroleum diesel and 20% biodiesel. The good thing about biodiesel is the oils are bio-degradable, and has low particulate emissions.

An additional solution is a fuel that is a byproduct of petroleum refining called liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, which may be used in place of diesel fuel. When compared with other kinds of petroleum products, LPG is the cheapest. Using a conversion set up, LPG, which is primarily propane, can be used as an alternative fuel, and it is widely available. A fully biodegradable and renewable fuel, that is produced from a biomass that’s fermented, is ethanol. This gas burns cleanly so it does not give off greenhouse gases. You will find there’s fuel referred to as E85 which is comprised of 15% gasoline and 85% alcohol and can be used in any diesel engine. The cost of this kind of fuel is a little bit higher than traditional fuel.

Another choice is automobiles that are powered by electricity but they have a couple of problems. The power supply does not last very long and cannot move fast enough for the freeway. However the Tesla sports car has been able to resolve both of those problems. In spite of the terrific improvement in electric cars, they have not sold well because of the high prices. When people are not willing to go electric, at least buying a hybrid is the next best thing. These cars run on both gasoline and electricity. Even though these cars cost more than regular fuel cars, they offer more savings in the long term.

All the alternative fuels for automobiles seem to have their unique problems. But efforts are ongoing to improve and to make them more practical for the consumer market. At some point we are going to have a greater part of our cars running on alternative fuels.

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