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September 10, 2012

Totally Straight Review Of Power4home

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Ever-increasing numbers of people are joining the “natural energy” band wagon. The web seems to be bursting with systems offering to demonstrate how to economize on electrical power by hooking up to free solar and wind energy. Power4Home is a brand you see more than any other, so I decided to check it out. Power4home is a course of ebooks and videos from a guy called John Russel. Yes, that’s “Russel” spelt with only one “L”.

On the face of it, the plus points of Power4Home make it a definite no-brainer to buy. It offers instructions how a homeowner can install a high-end home wind and solar power system by following instructions contained in the course. It teaches how to put up a wind turbine and add solar panels to your roof, without needing to bring in expensive expert outside help. I was starting to wonder whether the claims made for Power4home weren’t just too good to be true. I decided to get the system for myself and put it through its paces.

Let’s look at what solar power is. It’s hardly new; in fact is is literally as old as the Sun. Radiation and light from our nearest star has provided life and energy for everything in our solar system, and that includes us. Recently man has discovered how to harness this free energy for our own use. On top of this, the wind, water and the ocean’s tides are now also used for generating electricity.

More and more people are joining the Green Energy Revolution every day. The usual method of collecting the Sun’s power is to use solar panels. They store this energy inside specially-constructed deep cell batteries. But good solar panels can be very expensive. Power4Home offers to help you make a system that will be cheaper than buying it ready-made.

John Russel claims that by implementing his advice, it is possible that your alternative energy generation system can reduce your electricity bill by as much as seventy-five percent, depending on what appliances you have running at home. It is certainly true that once the cost of installing solar panels and wind turbines has been recouped, Green Energy is virtually free.

Power4home helps you save additional dollars by sourcing individual items of both a solar panel or wind turbine system and put the parts together at home instead of needing to buy a complete system for many thousand dollars. It’s a solution in a box and this might justify the relatively high $97 price tag.

The bottom line is that Power4home could well be useful if you have already decided to install solar panels on your home. One of its faults is that it doesn’t help you work out whether you can get the best out of alternative energy solutions. How can it? It doesn’t know whether you live in Maine or Manilla, on the top of a mountain or deep in a valley. You will also need to know a little more than how to hammer in a nail in order to implement the advice here. Power4home is very US-centric, but as long as you are quite proficient in home improvements, you will probably find most of the information you need to set up your own solar and wind turbine systems.

Here is my advice: don’t do anything until you have found out the answer to these really important questions: how does solar power workwork? Is there a better product around than Power4home? I found the solution on this Power4home review site. You really must see it.

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