January 16, 2013

Tips On Preparing For The Great Outdoors

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We were heading out outdoor camping in 2 weeks’ time. My family loves the great outdoors but we know it is filled with surprises, including animals or even unwelcome visitors that can ruin our expedition. Thus, we agreed to arm ourselves with defense spray as a first line of protection in case this type of situation would occur.

Its good points include being non-lethal yet quite effective in incapacitating an assailant momentarily and then steering you away of danger. It stings the eyes and burns the skin and all this takes is only one burst. “What about a Wildfire defense spray gel?” my son, Dean, proposed.

“How is this different from an ordinary pepper spray?” his father asked.

Dean discussed that pepper gel, although in aerosol form, clings like adhesive once you get hit by it. Worse, rubbing it off or wiping the gel away causes this to enter the skin, giving terrible pain.

Like a lot of pepper sprays, it is convenient to have on your person and little enough to hold or stick in your pocket. But exactly what impressed Dean with gel pepper spray was that it worked wonderfully within confined spaces. There wasn’t any need to worry that the spray would spread as well as hit all directions, harming those in close proximity.

“Which one should we obtain?” we asked Dean. Wildfire 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray, he responded. This was a 4 oz. bottle with a flip-top actuator for convenient use. And that little bottle had twenty bursts of the strong capsicum.

The enemy or animal might be fifteen to eigtheen feet away however this one would still reach its mark. The younger kids scared of bears clapped in appreciation. This camping trip would be fun. And with pepper gel being non-combustible in spite of a more potent pepper mixture, you would feel less guilty making use of it.

We were all set and packed, including our Wildfire pepper spray gel. Unfortunately, Dean got hit, not by a self defense spray but by chicken pox, thus the trip will need to wait.

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