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August 6, 2010

Tips On How To Build Your Own Solar Panels

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solar panels
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With the clouds of global warming blooming over, now more and more people are seemingly becoming very concerned about the world. As such, most of the people have taken several drastic steps to combat global warming.

Using homemade solar cell is one such step that has been taken by several many nature lovers. If you also happen to be looking forward to employ solar energy homes panel to save the earth, you may find this article quite informative. Here we have mentioned several helpful tips that will assist you to build your own solar panels cheap at the backyard of your home itself.

Important materials required

For building diy solar panel kits you need to have certain items which are a dc meter, battery box, 16 volt solar panel, handheld drill, inverter, rechargeable 12 volt lead or an acid battery. Before staring to make your own solar panel you need to first assemble this items. These items can be easily available in different electronic stores, shops or outlets.

Steps of build solar energy homes panel

Once you have managed to assemble all the required material you can start making your homemade solar cell. First you will have to attach the top end of the battery box. You can use a handheld drill to attach the DC input and the meter with battery box.

Then in the next step you will have to connect the battery. You can connect the battery to the meter with the help of some insulated wire. In this case it is quite important to remember that you need to work with only one wire at a time to avoid any complication and confusion.

As such you have to start by first connecting the first wire to the negative input. The same procedure should be followed to connect the solar panel and the DC inlet to the battery. This requires a bit of patience and time. So, be patient while executing this task. Don’t be in a hurry or else you may make a mistake!

In the last step you need to convert the sun’s energy into energy that is usable for your household chores. For this you need to close the lid tightly with some strong string or chord.

After that place the entire solar set out into the sun. Let your hand made solar panel bask remain in the sun for at least eight hours. Within this time period your solar panel will absorb enough energy from the sun and will be ready for use and will provide clean and natural energy to your home.

So this is how you can build your own solar panels cheap by following the simple steps that have been discussed above.

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