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November 18, 2012

Think Green And Conserve Water

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If living a more sustainable life is important to you, you don’t need to give up luxuries like electricity and indoor plumbing. There are many ways you can incorporate more environmentally-friendly and cost-cutting solutions with your indoor plumbing, whether it is for your home or office. These simple tips will help you save money as well as reduce the amount of unnecessary water being used on a daily basis.

Your toilets are typically one of the biggest offenders when dealing with wasted water. The Alliance for Water Efficiency has reported that nearly 27% of water used in your work or residence is from flushing your toilet. In an effort to reduce water waste and keep your home or business as efficient as possible you may consider replacing your existing toilet with a high-efficiency model. Not only do modern toilets use less water but they can clean better with each flush. The most efficient models can use as little as one gallon per flush.

Your kitchen and bathroom sinks are another easy way to conserve water use. More than 15% of your daily water usage will come from using these appliances. A leaky faucet can waste a huge amount of water over time and addressing these problems are easy ways to reduce your footprint. Installing a simple aerator in your home can also save a tremendous amount of water per faucet and should not be overlooked.

Your home’s showers and tubs also have the potential for a large amount of wasted water; up to 20% in some cases. A lot of waste often occurs based on the shower head you’re currently using in combination with the elapsed time of a typical shower. Look for environmentally friendly shower heads that use a minimum of water. Also, avoid elaborate shower heads as these can waste large amount of water per use. Shower heads are typically very easy to install and can be performed without the need for a plumber.

Additional sustainable plumbing tips will also help you to save water helping you have a greener home or business, as well as saving money. When doing things such as brushing your teeth, wiping off kitchen counters, or washing vegetables, don’t leave the water running on a constant basis. You should also consider watering your lawn less frequently, especially during seasons where rain is plentiful in your neighborhood. If you’re expecting rain, turn off your sprinklers to save water.

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