April 18, 2012

The Ultimate Green Lumber Once Was Plastic

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Odds are you have never heard of ultimate green lumber, unless you are involved in construction. For the environmentalist, this is the ideal product, and it can be found on a lot of decks, and a great deal of deck furniture. Eco-lumber is another of the names it is referred to, and enviro-wood, plastic lumber, permo-wood, and poly-wood also. You don’t always find that a material is great for the environment and also economical, but this new material is precisely that and has had a great impact on the patio furniture industry.

The end product seems like a piece of lumber, but the impressive thing is that there is no wood in it, only milk jugs and other recycled plastic containers. This green product doesn’t simply look like lumber, it also has the same feel and can be tooled, cut and sawed like any typical piece of lumber. The ultimate green lumber has found many applications aside from decking, such as patio furniture, outdoor tables and benches and playground equipment. Plastic is being recycled on a progressive scale, and a product application like the ultimate green lumber is a great way to utilize it. Ten years ago, 234 million pounds of plastic materials were recycled, and that number has now increased to 1.5 billion pounds.

Hardwood lumber does have a couple of downsides, such as the chemical treatment it requires to protect it against insects. Wood does start to rot when exposed and demands regular re-finishing; left untreated it will eventually rot. Plastic lumber will not leak and contaminate the soil because it contains no dangerous chemicals. The only care it needs is to, now and then, clean it off with a hose. It doesn’t matter where you dwell, the plastic lumber has been built to withstand tropical sun, hard winters, and coastal weather that is salty and windy.

This poly-wood should not be confused with some flimsy, plastic product that has been constructed into chairs, like you see on numerous decks. Plastic lumber is a thick material, and is supplied at 2×4 and 2×6 thicknesses. Poly-lumber is used just like normal hardwood; cut in the same manner and screwed down in the same way. Popular applications right now are anything that goes around a pool or on a deck, but new ways of using it are being discovered all the time. Lumber created from recycled plastic is an alternative to regular hardwood lumber that is cost-effective. It has many uses, is sure to last for many years, and doesn’t rot, splinter, or get infested with bugs.

The more furniture that is created from recycled plastic, the fewer trees have to be chopped down. Any person who thinks or lives in an earth-friendly way is engaged in protecting our forests and trees from being exploited. Due to this, the search is on for applications where the use of ploy-lumber makes good economic sense and environmental sense as well. No doubt, this low-maintenance material is eco-friendly.

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