January 20, 2011

The Toronto Waste Management Department Are Setting New Goals For Everyone

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There is a world wide awareness that recycling offers a solution to the pollution problem. An organization that has made significant progress is the Toronto Waste Management department. The separation of refuse into blue, green and other bins have made the recycling process very successful. There is a law that applies in Ontario which states that anyone who does not comply with the regulations will end up with a heavy fine.

In the past landfill sites were the city’s biggest concern Thanks to the implementation of new recycling laws hundreds of tonnes of waste has now been diverted to recycling plants. The number of landfills have been drastically reduced from 161 down to only 1. Organic refuse diversion is the largest one by far in the overall program.

The green bin has been designated for the recycling of organic waste. Leftover food, peels, pet droppings, wet paper and diapers are amongst the items that fall under this category. The process has taken off so well that the waste management Richmond Hill currently has a participation of 90% of its residents. They are ultimately the cause that the total success rate of the recycling operation is well over 60%.

In Markham recycle of waste has been pinpointed to the 4 depots that have been strategically placed in the town. These depots however do not accept anything that is hazardous for recycling purposes. Materials that will be accepted for recycling are blue bin type, scrap metal, fluorescent tubes and old clothing. The depots have different opening hours and it is best to make the necessary enquiries before dashing off to go and depose of your trash.

With electronic equipment becoming a major headache in the recycling process new schemes have been devised to combat this problem. This item will be collected separately and at different times from the regular trash. For those living in residential areas special containers have been aside for this purpose. This increases the processing rate considerably.

There is no shortage of public drop-off depots for electronic recycling York Region. This includes everything that is electronic such as televisions, computers, DVD’s, stereos etc. This also includes cables, CD’s and software. The odd item that will not be accepted are microwave ovens and electronic thermostats as it contains mercury. There is however a limit to the amount of trash that can be disposed of at a single time. Broken electronic equipment are a hazard and there are guidelines under which these will be accepted.

Converting landfill gas into electricity is high on the agenda of the department. There are also concerted efforts being made to convert Biogas, which is released by organic waste, into natural gas. The same attention is being applied to plastics and porcelain materials. All other products are also being put under scrutiny to improve the diversion process.

The aim of Toronto waste management researchers is to create as much diversion as possible and aiming for the 100% mark is not impossible. The outcome can only mean a major victory for everyone as the diversion of 70% of a landfill has a significant saving on electricity and air and water pollution. As greenhouse gas and eCO2 emissions are greatly reduced the impact on the environment can only be good.

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