July 31, 2011

The SEO and Visitor Value of Structured Internal Blog Links

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It is critical for your blog to have a relevant internal linking structure, which will improve your SEO while also offering your audience a good level of navigability, before you even think of working on incoming links. So, how can one add more value to their blog and strengthen their internal links? This article will reveal all.

You can gain more relevancy with your internal links just by how you use and position them. You should be conservative in the way you point your links so you do not appear to be spamming to any one page. It could be a gray area when you talk about a page that is basically self-linking to itself. Your anchor text should not be so general as to create confusion. Your aim should be to create an internal linking structure that is helpful to your visitors and as well as the search engines, and to do it in the simplest way. When you get away from gaming the site link structure, then you will be going in the right direction. Most SEO experts recommend staying away from relative URLs because they tend to create a little confusion with the keywords. Besides that, it also makes it easy for the search engine spiders to determine where exactly the page on your blog is located. In addition to that, if your content gets copied by someone without your permission, you’ll at least have the internal links pointing back to your blog. Go out and take a look, again, at what the larger and more established sites are doing, and you will see.

Site maps are an integral and indispensable part of any blog that you simply must use if you are interested in SEO and search engine rankings. What a site map will do is mainly help out search bots, like from Google, to have a better idea of what your site is all about, plus you will have more on-site links. As a courtesy, think about placing a site map, non-XML version, on your blog just as way for people to see what all you have to offer. So much is automated with WordPress blogs including generating a useable site map with the appropriate plugin. The more planned out your blog is and easier for people to follow, they will be more likely to remain on your site. Another great benefit is they add the SEO value regarding internal linking we mentioned earlier. Take care to get the internal linking plan as right as possible, and use these points to help with that. The SEO benefits alone make it all the more worth your trouble. Your search traffic will become higher, and your visitors will have a better experience.

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