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November 8, 2012

The First Step Towards Carbon Neutrality Is Solar Ipswich


The cost of electricity seems to constantly increase above inflation. At the same time almost everyone is becoming increasingly worried about global climate change. This has pushed alternative energy generation to become a popular option to maintain the modern lifestyle. The most popular methods of home generation are solar panels and rooftop turbines. Where there isn’t a sustained breeze solar Ipswich is the more practical option.

The roof of your building has solar panels fitted. They are then either regulated into a battery or directly into the power supply with the excess fed into the national electrical grid. A special meter is required to allow grid connection. The meter spins backwards when there is excess energy from the house to the grid negating a portion of the electrical bill.

During daylight hours with comparable electrical use the meter will always spin slower, and sometimes backwards. The optimum position north of the equator is on a southern facing roof. As the most energy will be generated during the summer months the benefits need to be calculated over an entire year.

The potential amount of energy generated is defined by the size and number of panels that are installed. Three different configurations are possible, the type depends a lot on the local environment. A photovoltaic panel system is best in a bright area that lacks heat; a thermal system is best in a hot area. Hybrid systems combined the benefits of both options.

Of course it’s not for everyone. For those who live in areas where the roof is shaded, those who are unable to get permission to fit the panels, and those who are unable to exploit the benefit. For example someone who doesn’t plan to stay at an address for a long time may defer installing such a system, also someone elderly who is unlikely to appreciate the benefits within their life.

There are obvious benefits to the environment. By reducing energy consumption by 30-40% it also reduces the building’s carbon footprint by the same amount. It may seem like a relatively insignificant contribution but every journey starts with a single step. It also helps to reduce the associated guilt factor. Some modern housing incorporates natural energy. As well as sunlight, where appropriate they are also fitted with roof turbines, rain water harvesting, ground or air source heat pumps. Communal wind turbines also help the communities become more carbon neutral.

As well as the benefits of reducing bills it also increases the value of a property. The extent of the benefit would need the knowledge of a property agent with local knowledge. It would certainly improve the ability to market a property. Part of the installation cost is therefore subsidized in this way.

Bills can be reduced and the environment helped by installing solar Ipswich. With a few unsuitable situations considered bills will be slashed while the value of the house will go up. Every extra person who makes the switch helps towards fighting climate change.

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