December 24, 2012

The Causes Of The Female Midlife Crisis

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The gift of life should be cherished because the world is a school here to teach people love. We should appreciate living creatures and plants because they all have one thing in common, in that they all want to live. Humans are a peculiar creature that has no shame in taking this gift away from living beings which is where the disconnect occurs. Women are the more sensitive sex of humanity which makes them more prone to experience the female midlife crisis.

Men experience emotional stress as much as women do, but many times cannot show it. The society that has been erected views this as weak and will lower the social status of the man if he spoke freely about these things. Since this is the case, it is mostly women who actively seek out mental health groups.

Humans have three aspects to them which include the mind, body and spirit. The sum of these parts creates the human experience. Often times when one aspect is stressed or conflicting with another there will be some sort of mental disconnect. The majority of the population perceives their life as difficult as if they have been backed into a corner.

It is these disconnects with our own selves that leads us to fight wars. People kill others because they do not understand themselves. Since birth, we are taught with subliminal messaging and gory films as well as commercials that violence can solve our problems. This is far from the truth and the more people cause pain to others, the more they hurt their own being and the planet they live on.

All of these factors can lead to human stress disorders such as a crisis occurring in the mind at some point in the human life span. People going through these things should not worry because it is completely normal to have these feelings, especially living in this corrupt world. The reason people feel these things are because most set their goals far too high.

A lot of people do not see what kind of world they live in, but are just consumed in their cell phones or other technologies. Then something does not go the way they intended throwing them into confusion and making them feel hopeless. Many people work the average 40 hours a week and feel like they are barely getting by in life. This is not the ideal way for humans to be living life.

All people undergo these types of issues at some point or another during their life. This is when that person needs to take a step back from life for a second and think to themselves. They will find the answer and know what changes need to be made. Money is important and allows us to buy things to keep on living, but life should not revolve around it.

The female midlife crisis is an experience that has common ground between many people. This is why ladies going through these life lessons should seek out help and simply talk to the people close to them in life. This will help tremendously in so many different ways. Ignoring these real feelings will cause them to get worse and just grow. Talking about things and learning is the first step to healing.

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