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December 13, 2010

Tesla Generator – Is It A Scam?




Tesla Generator

Is Tesla Generator A Scam?

They tried to ban him from the history books…
yet he’s responsible for the biggest breakthroughs
in electricity of the 20th century.

Nikola Tesla – the man who
discovered Alternative Current and revolutionized
modern physics.

Few people know it, but Nikola Tesla had a very
big dream. He wanted to bring free electricity into
every single home.

Some people knew who Nikola Tesla was…
but hadn’t heard about his “fuelless
generator”, nor about the government
suppression. So they were pretty shocked
to hear about Tesla’s biggest invention
for the first time.

There are websites that sell blueprints or instructions to build this generator:

Here’s a list

Post your reviews in the comments.

Videos: Tesla’s Concepts

You can learn if a product is a scam or not by visiting



2 thoughts on “Tesla Generator – Is It A Scam?

  1. Don’t buy this product! I just did and it only took 15 minutes to see NO plans, NO instructions, NO parts lists, nothing I could use to build much of anything.

  2. Dear Sirs,

    I sent this E-mail to the owner and its affiliates as I am 100% sure the featured people on the disc included with the purchase are hiding or show intent to deceive the targeted consumer and as such I offered them to prove the content is financially affordable from the general public and its interpretation to secure its rights as an affordable and realistic option and to see if it has any value to the general consumer. i still await contact to prove it can be done and its preaching what they are teaching is right and not a money generating interpretation.I wish to remain anonymous at this time and this is with out prejudice
    Dear Sirs,

    I am a Psychologist by profession and as such use my skills from time to time to watch and analyze peoples body actions witch usually point out if some one is trying or is deceiving you and hence hiding the truth. I can say with a professional certainty that common fraudsters such as “The Orion project” and its affiliates and you or the people on the DVD or Disc display all the signs of deception and the way you and other fraudulent company’s talk your eye movement bodily movement show you are intending to hide or deceive the target consumer and as such I am referring you to Legal action as you MUST prove in secrecy to a judge or in a court of Law that your ambitions are True and are not deceitful and your promises are in a civil or a public way commercially available and financially affordable to the consumer and not some thing that can be interpreted as meaning something different, You are not obligated to do so but as my and other colleagues in our profession think you are hiding some thing and NOT “Preaching what you are teaching as been realistic and interpreted correctly” and offer you to prove in secret that this is not benefiting the bank accounts of the legal owners but may in the near future bring this to the attention of a court of law.

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