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February 13, 2012

Sustainable Energy And The Benefits Of Using Over Unity Magnetic Motors

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The concept of infinite magnetic motors has existed for the prior century. It is well known that electric motors derive their power from a form of magnetism that emerges between the rotor and the stator. Interest in this phenomenon has been the cause of many innovative thinkers to investigate the possibility of using magnets as the driver in an amazingly efficient motor. Actually while the difficulty is argued even in the alternative energy arena, some thinkers believe that they can use magnets to form eternal energy. The significance behind this chance is huge. Discovery of such techniques would radically change the way humanity thinks about energy.

Magnets are in common use in a variety of applications. Synchronous generators are the passage through which most electricity reaches purchasers today. They convert the energy made by turbines in power plants into electricity. Permanent magnet synchronous generators perform the same function but use permanent magnets to form the magnetic force that's otherwise made by the synchronous generator.

There are several advantages to using permanent magnets in these settings. They have demonstrated higher efficiency than the ordinary synchronous generators. Permanent magnets are way more stable and need very little upkeep. They also are littler and lighter than synchronous motor devices. In fact , past uses of permanent magnet motors were restricted to small applications because finding a magnet capable of maintaining a powerful field was extraordinarily difficult. The recent appearance of neodymium magnets has removed many of those limitations.

There are some disadvantages in using these powerful permanent magnets. The persistent magnetic field around these magnets makes assembly and fix more perilous jobs than they are when working with ordinary synchronous generators. In addition, mining permanent magnet materials is not green.

Many innovators want to go past these common-or-garden uses of magnets. They want to create infinite magnetic motors. Lately, one Japanese inventor described a method he used to make a very efficient magnetic motor.

He places two electromagnet stators on either end of a circular machine. Inside the circle he inserts a rotor with magnets imbedded in the arms. They are positioned at such an angle that they won't physically meddle with the electromagnets as they spin. The only energy the device requires is a touch of electricity to power the electromagnets.

This device is already in use around the globe as the power source for air-con fans and CPU fans. The inventor alleges that bigger versions of this device will act as infinite magnetic motors, producing slightly more energy than they consume. This last claim has surprised many critics, who say that this would violate all of the known laws of physics.

This concept could be difficult for average folk to understand. They see power stations and assume that they're creating energy there. The truth is that there are huge amounts of energy in the materials that these plants consume, for example oil or coal. Motors can only extract a certain proportion of this energy, while the rest is wasted. Those that accept the power of perpetual magnetic motors suggest that these devices can essentially derive more energy from such materials than already exists in them.

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