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June 3, 2018

Solar Sprint 2010

Solar Sprint 2010
solar energy
Image by Argonne National Laboratory
As part of the Model Solar Car Challenge, middle school students’ model solar cars were judged on design.

About Solar Sprint: The Model Solar Car Challenge is designed to inspire students to apply science and engineering principles to real-world applications. Teams used parts from a model solar cell car kit to build their vehicles. The cars, guided by wires running the length of the 10 meter course, were raced in heats until the top-performing cars were determined. In addition to prizes for the top-performing teams, prizes were awarded for team with the best design and best working knowledge of the principles for using solar cells to power model vehicles.

The car competition required students to use applied science, and engineering skills to meet technical challenges comparable to those that scientists and engineers face to provide a lightweight, functional vehicle with an efficient powertrain, optimal gearing, minimal friction, and excellent performance. Developing a successful design requires experimentation, teamwork, and organization.

The Solar Sprint is sponsored by Argonne National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Society of Automotive Engineers and CNH Corp.

Photo by George Joch / courtesy Argonne National Laboratory.

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