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August 8, 2010

Solar Energy Guide Download – Read This Carefully !

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If you can spare five minutes to read this because you’re searching for the facts on a solar energy guide, you’re about to find the topic quite “illuminating”! You will learn a simple but very effective method to “plug” your home to a limitless source of free energy, and even…get paid for it. Sounds unrealistic? It won’t hurt to hear me out – continue on with this brief article.

Why make the power company richer while you count pennies when it’s easy to generate energy with a solar power system, right on your own roof or somewhere else on your property? More good news – a solar power system isn’t expensive; it was out of reach for many people up until recently, but now it’s common, and affordable.

You might wonder how i know about this. Actually, at one time i was researching the subject of a solar energy guide and i heard about the fact that while it was fairly new to me, there were many who had already “seen the light” and had already gotten set up with a simple device which turns ordinary sunlight into an abundant supply of electricity in no time. I wanted to find out more about this, and was happy to learn that this can be achieved at what i would call a bargain basement price we can all afford (who can’t afford to save money?). Former restrictions like accessibility and cost have been removed and we can benefit from technology which gives us the ability to tap into an earth-friendly energy source from now on – how’s that for an incentive?

Even if you are just interested about a solar energy guide, take a few moments to get proof that this is all true – in almost no time, you can be set up to take advantage of a vast amount of no-cost electricity, and your monthly power bill will be a thing of the past. you won’t need the electric company to dole out your required electricity. I found out that it’s a widespread practice to get compensated by your local power company for any extra electricity that you produce. And in addition to the benefits of saving and making money, by turning sunlight into electricity you’ll be playing a very important role in keeping the planet livable today, tomorrow, and beyond.

About the author: Grab your sunscreen, because on this episode everything’s powered by the sun. We’ll meet “solar guru” Steve Heckeroth. Not only is his homestead 100% solar-powered, so are his vehicles. He designs and builds electric tractors, and he charges them, along with his Toyota Rav4-EV, with free energy from the sun. We’ll also check in with the Stanford Solar Car Project team and their UV-powered car — Solstice. Covered with solar panels and stocked full of lithium ion batteries, this car looks like a UFO and can drive across the country without ever stopping to fill up!

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