January 1, 2013

Simple Safety Tips for Motorists With Commuter Bikes

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Those who utilize commuter bikes may be interested to know about the facts. In Oklahoma, there has been a spike in the amount of accidents caused by motorists towards pedestrians. There have been severe accidents, if not fatalities, on record for this. In fact, last year in Oklahoma there have been 609 accidents and 47 of those impacted have died. This was something that shouldn’t have happened but it seems like AAA Oklahoma is urging cyclists to exercise caution when riding through various tips.

1. Putting the road with cars to good use. This is an example of safety on the road in which cyclists and motorists work as one in order to travel and keep things moving at a constant pace. It’s normal for pedestrians to use the side and crosswalks but too many cyclists have started to use those very roads when they shouldn’t have. A number of accidents seemed to occur as a result. For the sake of promoting road safety, cyclists should stick to sharing the road with those who utilize automobiles.

2. Respect the rules of the road. There are many bikers who believe that those very rules apply only to those who utilize automobiles. However, those who utilize commuter bikes have to be certain to adhere to those very rules as well. In order to reduce potential accidents on the road, cyclists should always wear helmets. In addition, they should be able to stop at major intersection since stop signs are, once again, not meant solely for automobiles. Biking authorities such as Linus Bike know that cyclists have a blind spot to account for and they should make necessary adjustments to accommodate.

3. Helmets are essential when it comes to biking but what may be absolutely needed, especially in the realm of night driving, are reflective lights. Not unlike the headlights seen with automobiles, it’s practically necessary to have them depending on the state in which you reside. Having them in any case increases the amount of safety that a cyclist and pedestrian have. Lights also come in two basic forms: passive and active but the legal need for each one, once again, hinges on the area you reside in.

It seems like these tips had to come to light and I’m certain that there are many others that can be utilized in the ways of bike riding. Safety has to be a priority when you consider just how many accidents there have been in recent memory. Oklahoma has seen number of 309 bicyclists that have been in crashes as well. While this isn’t as great a number as the 609 accidents as stated before, it’s still a number that should not exist.

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