December 6, 2012

Power-saving Tips For Your Home And Office

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With the price of energy always going up, every power bill is hurting family budgets more and more. However, by following our tips, you’ll be able to save up to 42% off the price of your electricity bill.

We’ve outlines a few easy and effective recommendations


Tariff 33 is an alternate power connection that offers a reduced power rate for use on off-peak times. It can be used for several home appliances such as the hot water supply, clothes drier, home air conditioning system and even the breadmaker.We also recommend changing the pool pump over to an energy efficient DC drive motor on Tariff 33.

You will start perceiving an important decrease on your power bill when you switch the majority of your appliances onto the Tariff 33.


It’s common to inadvertently forget to switch the outside lights and electrical installations running during nighttime, unnecessarily spending your cash.

Your expert home electrician can install timers and sensors on all open-air lights, so they’ll just go off when not used.


The savings on a company energy bill might be notably more significant with the application of Tariff 33 for some office machines.

Utilizing Tariff 33 guarantees you18 hours of electricity, of course this includes normal business hours. Businesses can recover a great deal of cash by switching the central heating or air conditioners over to this special tariff.


Halogen down lights are commonly installed by electricians in newer homes – but they are far from efficient. This means they consume a great deal of power for the light they produce, and the additional heat can pose a fire hazard.

We prescribe to switch over to LEDs, which run at one fifth of the consumption of a halogen light.

While LED bulbs cost more than halogen lights, the investment quickly re-pays itself. For example, the standard halogen bulb lasts for only 100 to 1,000 hours but with LEDs, the lifespan can be up to 50,000 hours.

To learn even more about the efficiencies available to you, contact Acer Services or visit our website for more interesting tips. We assist local residents in cutting their power bills and we also carry out air conditioning services in Brisbane.

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