October 10, 2010

Panmanhattan Marketing Corporation Works With Country Clubs In The Philippines On Saving Money


Manhattan Green Solutions, an environmental division of Panmanhattan Marketing Corporation in the Philippines, is working with Home Owners in helping save the environment.

Many reputable hotels, resorts, hospitals, country clubs, and government agencies are now reviewing the current state of their facilities and are learning the value of products from Manhattan Green Solutions that helps them save water, save energy, save money, go green, and help the environment.

These products include Bioball, a waterless urinal system that eliminates the need of water, without having to replace the urinal. Bioball ensures that you are water free and yet able to save money, without the need to spend on replacing the urinal. Bottomline is immediate savings.

Another interesting solution is the Oxygenics Showerhead. Oxygenics controls water consumption by up to 70%. This means large savings on water and water heating cost, an important boon for many Resorts

Manhattan Green Solutions also proudly presents it Efergy Meters. An energy meter that helps save energy and save money in the Philippines, where energy costs are found to be too expensive. Efergy shows your realtime energy consumption, giving you a better idea on your current energy consumption. This wireless meter gives you realtime update, as well as your daily, weekly, and monthly energy consumption.

Manhattan Green Solutions also promotes Veltia Hand Dryers. These hand dryers save up to 80% on energy and time for drying hands. It also uses a unique filtration system to prevent bacteria from the toilet from being blown back to the hands, ensuring better hygiene, making Veltia the most hygienic hand dryers in the world.

Manhattan Green Solutions is also working on promoting distributorship for many island resort areas in the Philippines. Places such as Davao are good distributorship opportunities and full support and training will be given to those interested in distributing in these areas.

Showerheads is a bestseller, with many Hospitals purchasing and benefiting from our water saving products and solutions. The bottomline for these clients is simple. To help them save energy, save water, save the environment, use green products, help the Philippine water situation, help reduce pollution, create a healthier lifestyle, and many more. It has indeed become a more mature market.

While helping reduce water and saving the environment are important. Manhattan Green Solutions also promotes the economic side of how going green means saving money as well. Less use of water or energy means less monthly expense, but it is also just as important to see that these products pay for themselves in 8 to 12 months, ensuring our customers utmost satisfaction that they have a product that pays for itself.

Manhattan Green Solutions ensures that whatever it sells does not compromise with client lifestyle. These products should in fact improve customer satisfaction, and are well proven with the easy to use Efergy meters, which makes energy management a lot easier, or like the oxygenics showerheads, which also pressurizes and gives a better sensation when taking a shower, as well as the bioball waterfree urinal solution, which is also scented.

Manhattan Green Solutions, Welcome to a greener world.

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