October 27, 2012

Olathe KS Landscaping Company Explains Fall vs Springtime Seeding

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Ever wonder whether you need to be doing landscape planting for your trees, perennials, grass and various other plants in the spring or the fall? Most of the people don’t think about this. Actually, the most typical thing our landscaping company hear from our clientele when it comes to planting is “we are going to hold off until spring to plant.”

The fact of the subject is that autumn is the absolute best time to lay down your sod and take care of all of your landscaping. The drought of This year showed the importance of fall landscape planting a lot more than any other year we have seen in a really long time.

2012 has been very hot and waterless for Olathe landscaping. We’ve observed landscaping clients that were rather dedicated to watering their landscaping and performing what it takes to keep everything alive lose a lot of the landscaping. Sad to say, the tough summer time of 2012 wound up eliminating a great deal of landscaping for even extremely committed homeowners.

One thing that everyone did watch is that all the landscaping which had been dying was landscaping that was planted in the spring. Clients which had planted within the fall conversely didn’t have any issues with keeping their landscape alive. There is a quite simple answer why this is.

You need a solid root system for your plants and autumn planting does that. Making sure you have a solid and deep root system is critical for your landscaping to flourish. The truth is, the further you go into the ground, the more water there is. If the landscaping only has a superficial root system it will be barely surviving in the heat to obtain the water it needs to make it through.

Putting together their landscaping in springtime doesn’t mean the landscaping will die however. Should we end up having a good year you will likely be fine. The crazy high amount of heat we have experienced this season has proven the fact that landscaping in the fall will produce very strong plants.

Imagine how good your fall planted landscaping is going to do if we do have an outstanding year in 2013. If you would like a smaller amount upkeep and watering, making certain your plants have deep and strong root systems will allow the water in the dirt to execute a great deal of work for you.

In conclusion, the more common misconception that spring landscape planting is the best way to go just isn’t legitimate. Plus, you will likely only have to do half of heavy lifting maintaining and watering the landscaping that subsequent summer and spring.

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