January 7, 2011

Oksana Pryshnivska Online Photos And Videos Of OPs World

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OPs World Website is to enable Oksana Pryshnivska to share her Videos, Photos and News with Everyone. OPs World is one of 50+ websites managed and maintained By OP. Oksana Pryshnivska Goal is to raise money for her Ukrainian Organisation OPs World Vision and OP Trader.

We hope that this helps to Broadcast the OP message to the World and to help the cause of OPs World Vision, OPs World will be constantly Updated with Videos and Pictures according to accomplishments.

OP Will also be adding Downloads such as SoftPhones and Mobile DIalers, this is just one of many functions that will be added to OP will be shortly adding a Web Phone Service to so our visitors may enjoy Cheap International Calls and profits made will go towards charity.

In September 2010 we embarked on a project to give a gift of ‘Nutritional Eye-Drops’ to help the poor and needy suffering from cataracts and degenerative eye disorders, for every Eye Drop purchased enables is to donate an eye drop. Our main Fundraiser is one product Ethos Bright Eyes Drops For Cataracts

Oksana Pryshnivska was born in Ukraine in the small romantic town of Ternopil in the summer of 1986. At seventeen years of age she participated for the first time in a beauty contest in her home town. Oksana successfully achieved Miss City 2004, Miss Photo 2004 and Miss Year 2006 for the newspaper Free Life in Ukraine. In 2007 she went to the USA for four months where in New York and Atlantic City she furthered her work experience. Upon her return to the Ukraine she then decided to continue her education and began a five year International Business Studies course in Krakow, Poland. At the end of this time she returned to the United States. Oksana completed her Masters Degree in International Business Studies in Krakow, Poland and now looking forward to becoming a successful woman and build OPs World Vision so that she can improve the world of the future for everyone.

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