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July 10, 2012

Off Grid Living with Wind Generator Plans

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Going off the grid will have different meanings to different people. It may mean that you are able to completely live your life without having to rely on others for your basic needs. It could mean that you are able to provide your own electricity with reliability and less expense than if you were living off the grid.

To some people it is a dream to be able to provide your own food, water and electricity. When you can completely provide for yourself, you are free from having to depend on others for your basic needs. The world as we know it now has developed into a need for each other to provide essentials. The big corporations are enjoying huge monetary gains by creating a lifestyle where we cannot live without paying them for their services.

It makes one wonder what would happen when we are cut off from the cushy lives we now lead. What if your water was cut off and you had no source of water? Could you survive? Do you have the means of sustain life without the municipalities providing for you?

We have become so reliant on being able to flip a switch for electricity that we totally take it for granted. For thousands of years, humans have been able to get along without electricity, but in recent years, we have become totally dependent on it. We rely on it to run our lighting, keep our food cold, keeping our homes and vehicles cool for our comfort, and even communications. The list runs on.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind to try to get off the grid, so you don’t have to rely on corporations to provide the necessities for life? What if our electricity was suddenly cut off? Long term? Most of us would be stuck in trying to figure out what to do to get by without electricity.

For those who are prepared, they will not have to worry about such issues. If you are prepared, and implement the right systems, you can provide power both day and night – during sunny days, or during rain and wind storms.

Two types of alternative energy that people are implementing in their homes right now are solar power and wind power. Solar power is exactly what the name says – it relies on the suns rays to create electricity. It is reliable – as long as the sun is shining. Another type of alternative energy is wind power. Wind power is very economical due to many reasons. Wind energy will work almost anytime the sun is not shining. It will work for you during cloudy days, night time, stormy weather and rainy weather – as long as the wind is blowing. Both systems are great, and the ultimate system would comprise of components from both systems to take advantage of all weather patterns.

With Wind energy, you don’t have to worry if the sun is shining or not. When the sky is clouded over, as long as there is a small breeze blowing, you can provide electricity.

So even when it is raining, storming, or even just cloudy – the chances of creating electricity with a wind generator is great. When you build your own system using wind generator plans, you can have a system in place for little money as compared to other types of system. You can build a diy wind generator for under $200. When using wind generator plans, you will have access to detailed guides, videos, blueprints and everything you need to get your system creating power for you.

Build your own wind generator with Wind Energy Plans as your guide. Also, visit Going Off Grid right here!

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