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April 18, 2013

Need To Give Your Car An Excellent Clean? Discover how to Clean, Wax and Detail Your Automobile Here

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Cleaning and waxing (see carnauba car wax) should be the easiest components of upkeep for your car. So, why is it so tough do without getting hazy paint and dulled car headlights. Just a little expertise and the right cleaning tips can ensure your exterior lasts for a long time.

With cars today being built to such a high standard, cars are more reliable than they were ten years ago. Cars use to old last up to the 100,000 miles mark, but now they are built to last twice as long. This is all extremely good news, so what’s the bad news? The paint, body and interior have twice as long to marinate in all the elements that cause damage.

What Is the Right Way to Clean the Exterior of My Car?

The simple fact is, cars get dirty and then they require a clean. Yet, it’s not just rain spots and dirt that clings to the exterior of your car. There are also airborne pollutants, dead bugs, tree sap not to mention acid rain and bird droppings – all of which take their toll on the paint work.

Modern cars these days have a clear coat cover applied to the finish in order to protect the layer below. Yet, even this UV resistant layer can last and will last longer with the right maintenance. You can do so by keeping your paint work clean and using wax (see detailing clay bar) to help repel pollutants and water.

Aim to park in the shade when washing your car so that whilst you wash and wax your vehicle, the heat from the sun won’t cause water spots on the surface. We suggest that you moisten the car in order to help dissolve stains left from bugs and to help loosen any grime and dirt. Once this is complete, hose any mud off your wheels and the undercarriage of the car.

If you are unsure which order to follow when cleaning your car, aim to clean your wheels so you don’t have to worry if any excess splashes on the paint work of your vehicle. Once the wheels are clean, you can begin cleaning your car with the use of a lambs wool wash mitt. When it comes to drying, give a chamois or micro fibre towel a try. Avoid using tools that are too abrasive on your car.

Waxes used aren’t like they once used to be. These days, waxes (see click here) consist of nano-sized particles and the added synthetics make it easy to apply and to remove. Complete the overall finish of your car by using a light spray of detailer, then wipe down with a microfiber towel – this will provide weeks if not months of protection from environment elements. Lastly, clean up any water spots on the windows both inside and outside.

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