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July 11, 2010

Magniwork Generators vs Solar Energy Panels

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solar energy
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Magniwork  Generators vs Solar Energy Panels

Sometimes it can get confusing with so many different types of green energy devices and energy saving methods being talked about and being mentioned here and there  around the Internet and the News.

I know that when I first built my first set of solar panels, my biggest fear was that I select the wrong alternative energy device -(Wind or Solar). I just wanted soemone to tell me which was better.

But as I found out, there are different circumstances that can effect our decision – like where we livem what are goasl are and what we are willing to do .

So I will try to provide you with some basic attributes for the Magnetic Energy Generator and your Basic Solar Energy Panels.

How Solar and Magnetic Energy Work

Solar Panels are actually  Photovoltaic. With the material that is used inside them -usually silicone- they take sunlight and trap it inside the panel. As soon as the sunlight hits the panel, the photovoltaic chnage happens -meaning that the electrons automatically separate from there atoms.

Zero Point Magnetic Energy is simply when magnets are used to create something called Perpetual Motion. Perpetual motion is when something can continually stay moving without ANY oiutside help or energy.And when something creates more energy than it uses, it will ACTUALLY CREATE energy.Thats what is converted into the electricity we use for our homes.

When it comes to solar panels,the sun is obviously needed to make it work and produce energy. But even though the Solar Panels need sun to work – batteries CAN be added and used to save energy for cloudy days – andn ot to mention for the evenings.

Magniwork Generators do not need any outside forces to help make it work. And this can be a huge advantage for those that live in Seattle or any other wet climates.

Some Differences Between Solar and Magnetic Energy

Because solar panels cannot be used inside our homes, we can risk losing them to severe weather, like tornadoes or heavy wind storms. Where as the Magniwork Generators can be used inside the house during ALL types of weather.

When it comes to using solar panels on the road – it would be normal practice to build a few smaller panels. And there are various different items and methods that can be used while on the road or camping – like water heaters, and portable solar panels for the RV or Camper.

Magniwork Generators are also good for camping and traveling. Depending on the size of the magnet  you use, your magniwork generator will usually fit in the camper or the trunk. Unlike the solar panels that can be built especially for the RV, magniwork generators are pretty much only going to work for a couple purposes.

And when it comes to energy production, the nod will go to the Solar Panels.

They, on average will produce more energy- although, the magniwork generators will continue to produce energy more consistently.

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