February 24, 2012

Jellyfish appearance – complex but attractive

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Jellyfish, otherwise known as jellies or sea jellies, can be compared to an octopus due to the unique nature. Both seem very attractive but are quite dangerous if one disturbs them in their habitat. However, the jelly fish images are quite different from the octopus. There are about 1270 varieties of jellyfish seen in waters all over the world and the adult jelly fish is called as Medusa.

You can see the jelly fish in deep waters as well as on the surface and they appear in various sizes and shapes which is the most attractive feature. By seeing the jelly fish images, it is impossible to know that they are really so poisonous and have a deadly sting. Many jelly fish have made some deadly attacks and created problems in the Gulf of Mexico.

A certain type of jelly fish usually causes problems like stinging, destroying fishing nets, poisoning or crushing the captured fishes, consuming fish eggs& young fish etc. They also create the problem of clogging the entire coastline. This kind of venomous jellyfish can look really very attractive in the jelly fish images that you see on books or on the net. This jellyfish is a perfect and apt example to the proverb “Appearances are Deceptive”

The glass jellyfish paperweights are the latest usage of jellyfish in the house hold decorative purposes besides the tank or aquarium set up. This paper weight using jellyfishes have been manufactured since late 19th century. The artists have taken in ample efforts in such a way that the sculpture looks realistic enough to be made up as paperweight. The world’s oldest living organisms are being ensured as a monumental masterpiece by this idea of glass paperweights.

The glass jellyfish paperweights are generally made of blown glass and today, the artists are producing them with more customization and also using modern techniques. There are various types of glass jellyfish paperweights available and the type determines the price. Many of them are very artistically designed and these command a higher price. You can buy them for a few dollars, or alternatively, you could also pay many hundred dollars.

There are many wonderful kinds of jelly fish images in the world. Point your browser to Jellyfishfacts.net and see more wonderful jelly fish images by browsing our awesome selection of glass jellyfish paperweights.

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