October 26, 2012

Is Global Warming A Fake Threat?

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One must be careful when taking a side on the question, “Is global warming real?” because of the very divisive nature of the topic. The science world is split in two over the changing climate of the planet while the political world has latched onto it as a platform issue as well. There numerous stances that one can take.

The primary problem that causes concern is the increase in the earth’s average temperature. Although this occurs in small increments, it can potentially have devastating effects on climate and fragile ecosystems across the planet. Scientists have noted a rise in sea levels as a result from polar ice melting and a decrease in population of Antarctic species as prime examples.

Greenhouse gas emissions are the number one cause, according to this side of the argument. Humans can cause carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide to be released into the air with everyday activities. These can include using a car that burns fossil fuels, running factories, or producing electricity. The molecules trap heat and can cause the atmospheric temperature to slowly rise.

Opponents of the issue are concerned with these claims. Arguing that the earth goes through natural cycles of increasing and decreasing in temperature, they do not believe the planet to be warming continuously. They believe that many influential people have latched onto the bandwagon because global warming is a movement that is beneficial for some politicians and makes money.

They claim that the emission of carbon dioxide is very important for the well-being of our planet. Climate changes can be attributed to solar cycles that Earth naturally experiences and CO2 should not be the sole focus of the movement. Significantly, the overall change in the atmosphere has been much lower than many scientists anticipated and the average temperature has not actually changed since 1997.

Both supporters and opponents in this debate have very strong cases for their beliefs. The evidence is strong. Take everything into consideration when deciding where you fall on the question, “Is global warming real?”

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