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December 5, 2012

How You Can Do Your Part To Live A Greener Lifestyle

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Environmental maintenance has become an important issue today. Using green energy at home is a great way to save both the environment and your hard-earned money at the same time. The following article provides great information on the different ways you can incorporate green energy technology into your home today.

Installing solar panels onto your roof is a great way to start making your home a greener one. This costs quite a bit of money at the outset, but the savings from using solar energy will make them pay for themselves after several years. Solar energy is free once panels are installed, and you might even have the opportunity to sell off some of this power to local electric companies.

Try using renewable energy for only part of your home, when you know that you cannot use renewable energy to supplement the entire house. For instance, you can install just enough solar panels to heat your hot water.

There are numerous grants available for home owners to increase the use of renewable energy. Talk to your local government and figure out what programs are in the area. Depending on your local energy programs, you could end up getting a renewable energy system set up for your home for free.

Keep your oven light turned on when you are cooking an item that you have a tendency to check frequently. Checking on your food through the oven window rather than opening up the door saves a lot of energy and cooking time because heat doesn’t escape from the oven.

An uncommon option for those consumers who see themselves as very green is to have a home made from straw bales. Straw is a natural insulating material, and is also very inexpensive. If you’re not willing to commit to making your entire home out of straw bales, consider adding a small structure to your property.

Buy a solar oven to provide for the needs of your kitchen. You can make one from an old window, cardboard box, and tin foil. Solar ovens can be heated over 300 degrees and only use the sun for energy.

There are a lot of things you can do to save energy when you wash your laundry. Start in using moisture control settings that turns your dryer off when clothes are dry. You can also reduce drying time buy using the high-speed spin cycle on your washer. Clean the dryer filters regularly.

Demand watch dog legislation to encourage the use of green energy by companies. People often don’t make full use of the power of information. If consumers know what companies avoid using green energy technology in order to make more money, people may not use them. If companies are held responsible to the public, they will have to accept change.

Are you the owner of a farm? If you have a farm or know the owner of a farm, you may be able to rent some land to a utility company for installing a wind turbine. This installation will provide energy while taking little space and it will provide energy to you and perhaps your neighbors.

There are active and passive options for solar energy systems. Activer solar power lets stored energy be used later, while passive power doesn’t require expensive storage cells. If you use active power, you will need to install mechanical systems, solar panels and cells. While passive is simply using the sun to store thermal energy inside your walls to heat your home with.

Look for ways to include the tips discussed here in your own home. Energy bills will decrease and you will protect the environment, too! Keep working at it a little at a time, and ultimately your home is going to be the greenest in your neighborhood!

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