January 14, 2012

How to Pay Less on Sparkling Clean Washes for Your Car

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Imagine if you own a shiny black SUV you use daily and very proud of. It must be so tempting to want to car wash it each week or every two weeks at least. Definitely, this could sum up to money in a year, and if saved could be channeled for more important needs. It is wise to explore ways how to save money on car washes.

Setting aside the obvious feel good reason, why is it important to do it as often as possible? There are benefits to doing so. Amongst these include saving on time and effort, preventive maintenance and care of property, and environmental concerns.

As cars are personal investments, it is necessary to maintain them in good condition since this adds up to its resale value. Car washing is basic preventive maintenance especially for the exteriors. Cars are exposed to acid rain, ultra violet rays and heat damages, moisture build-up, salt, road grimes and other unseen corrosive elements.

As a way to participate in universal campaigns to conserve water, opt for shops that have water recycling facilities. Combined with their power tools and gadgets, they could pressure wash elements off a car in relatively shorter time using less water than DIY washing.

If choice is constrained to use of commercial shops, below are some doable tips being suggested to reduce such washing expense.

Compare available packages in your area. Just like any merchandise or services, there are cheap or cheaper over high-end more expensive offers depending on extended freebies. In cheaper packages, one may have to trade off a convenience or two, but life is exactly that for the greater majority, matter of choices, even for small concerns like car wash.

Giving extra tips for excellent services is but normal. But do not overindulge and always remember that they do add up to expenses when added together at some point.

No access to permanent covered car park? Buy a car cover. It costs money but a practical way to reduce exposure to elements. It reduces car wash visits, albeit it takes effort to unfold and refold each time.

Use self service facilities as alternate option on how to save money on car washes. When you do so, be mindful to control use of running the hose for most part of the cleaning. Use soapy water and use hose when rinsing. Also explore alternate use of water less car wash products which are claimed to be environmental friendly. But verify if using these can actually reduce washing expenses.

The savings at the fios promotion page here are simply amazing. If you find the right deal, then you won’t ever have to worry too much about spending money on car washes.

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