August 5, 2010

How important is the recycling system!

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waste recycling
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There is the estimation by a globally reputed organization that each individual throws approximately 4.34lbs trash everyday which is undoubtedly a tremendous amount of waste. If you have doubt then just multiply 4.34lbs with the world population. Nowadays, quantity of plastic materials is rapidly increasing in the trash. If we believe upon the report than alone in America, approximately 2.5 millions plastic bottles are thrown away every hour. Though, plastic has a miraculous property but it is a big problem for home cleaning service providers or recycling business.

Wonderful plastic properties like low cost manufacturing process and wide ranges of varieties have undoubtedly made it favorite of the mass but the material is like two-edged sword. Remarkable stability and non-biodegradable feature of the plastic are something which is harmful for our environment. Its intermolecular bonding is so strong that it will take approximately 10000 years in natural decomposing process. So, if we relate the above stated fact about the uses of plastic materials then we can easily imagine the intensity of thunder on the planet. So, we must appreciate special effort upon this issue as has been shown by the Auckland based home cleaning service provider ‘BigRedBins’. We should also appreciate those people who have adopted home recycle bins or office recycle bins.

Now, it is the alarming time to understand the role of every individual in recycling process. We have to extend the life cycle by using maximum recyclable materials. So, let’s try to understand our role with a simple example. Whenever we travel, we use plastic water bottle. After the use, we should crush and put into our suitcase and throw only into recycle bin. Though, it may sound like a crazy act but this is the right approach which we should practice.

Manufacturers also should put recycle sign on every recyclable material. It will help consumer in distinguishing reusable and non-reusable objects. There is another aspect of recycle sign as well. It may not be same on plastic as it is on paper. Anyways! Such signs prominently help those companies which are into the recycling business. So, there is the need of spreading awareness especially amongst youngsters. It is also an appreciating approach that government regulations have been exclusively designed with the supportive mindset for recycling system.

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