solar panels

August 6, 2010

How Does Solar Power Work? How Do You Build Your Own Solar Panel

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solar panels
Image courtesy of Wayne National Forest

Before we debate about the way to build homemade solar energy panels, let us first tackle the mechanics or how solar energy panels function. These panels basically operate by generating power or electricity with the use of precise measures of light intensity. For it to be in a position to give its perfect performance, the panels need both low temperature and direct sunlight.

Today, it has become much simpler and easier to make your own panels as there are all the techniques and kits available out there. We all know that having solar energy panels helps a lot, especially with electric bills, since they help you produce power on your own.

In building solar energy panels, all the elements needed to create it are provided for in nearly all of the kits. The elements that we have just discussed mainly comprise of solar cells, solder, soldering iron, tabbing, and flux.

Web forums will also help a lot in teaching you about the installation and you can post your own questions to make the job a lot simpler. If ever you see that you could need a touch more energy output, you just have to put in extra panels to allow you to supply the quantity of power that is essentially needed.

Another benefit or advantage in installing and building solar panels is that they produce green energy that makes it ecologically friendly. Compared to the other source of electricity that emits damaging elements contributing to pollution, solar electricity is hazard-free and doesn’t emit such awful chemicals.

Solar energy panels fundamentally come in two types. One generates power through heat and the other generates power through electricity. The normal panels make use of solar electricity in heating water, typically to provide for the standard prerequisites in the home. It has an absorber that transforms radiation derived from the sun into the form of heat.

The other type of solar cell is otherwise named as the photovoltaic panel. What it does is it converts your basic light into the form of electricity. It is that battery now that supplies the electricity needed by your house.

These are the few simple steps on the simplest way to build homemade solar cells.

Now it’s time to learn more about how to build your own solar panel,

How Does Solar Power Work? How Do You Build Your Own Solar Panel

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