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January 6, 2011

Homemade Solar Panels – Taking Advantage Of The Sun’s Energy

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A Solar panel is essentially a storage unit that helps maintain solar cells. These cells absorb the solar energy which is then used in homes. These days people are increasingly turning towards solar energy for their electricity requirements. There are many benefits of learning to build solar energy panel:

Easy to set up – It is easy to learn how to build a solar energy panel. You do not need to be an engineer to know how to install one. Also, the materials that are required to make a solar energy panel can be found easily in your local general stores.

Using the sun as an energy source is becoming more and more popular and people try to use as much as they can from this never-ending potential. Even if solar power is not as effective and powerful as fossil fuel, it can still be used like oil or any other fuel in your house. The equipment you will need to build your own solar panel is not very difficult to obtain.

Doing it yourself instead of paying a professional to install it for you can save you significant money. The cost will vary based on how many panels you want to install on your roof. If you decide to get your whole roof paneled you will have to pay a higher amount at first but you will save money on the long run.

For building your own homemade solar panel you have to purchase a DIY kit that generally costs around $50. The kit comes with an instruction guide that provides all the instructions you need to make your solar panel.

Wind power, like solar, has received such benefits in the recent years that has increased the efficiency of living off grid sources with a wind hookup. A major wind turbine may be required for a larger household — the cost of which is substantial, but individual turbines can be rented by multiple tenants and share the price burden — but for a smaller cabin or basic plug in, a turbine the size of a two story building may be all that is required. Wind turbines require a large amount of maintenance, however, as owners must frequently oil the blades to reduce friction.

A homemade solar energy panel system comprises solar panels, battery box, rechargeable battery, DC meter, and an inverter. There are different types of solar cells that you can use. This is dependant on your budget. There are also many designs of solar panels from where you can choose the one that would best fit your roof or ground wherever you want to install your solar panel. After you are ready with the solar panel you will need to place it in a suitable area. Make sure to keep the panels in direct sunlight to get the best results.

There are now a few great DIY guides on the market that are very inexpensive. These guides provide tutorials that give step-by-step guidance on how to build and install a solar panel on your own. Making the first solar energy panel can be a little confusing at the start but if you follow the instructions carefully you should be able to install it within a couple of days. After that you can add one panel every month. The more panels you have, the more you will be able to save on your electricity costs.

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