March 6, 2012

Help and Learning How Solar Panels work?

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If you are looking for greener sources of energy then solar power is one serious option to consider. There are other options such as wind generation and passive heating and hydroelectric generator but for most homes and smaller business solar is one of the most realistic options.

Solar power generates energy from the sun simply by converting sunlight to electricity. This process is done with no moving parts, producing zero emissions, and with very little maintenance. Solar panels are constructed using a series of small and individual silicon cells that generate electricity from sunlight. This sunlight hits the surface of the solar panel and it has the effect to produce an electrical current on the surface of small silicon wafers.

Some of the smaller solar panels you can buy today produce up to 12 volts of energy. Its these smaller solar panels that contain around 36 solar cells. If you look at large solar panels they will produce up to 24 volts of energy. These larger solar panels will contain around 72 solar cells.

To harness the suns energy solar panels can be stand alone or they can be wired together to create bank or array of panels and increase the amount of energy you can harness. There are big advantages of building this type of solar system, it can produce a higher voltage output so the solar panels can use smaller wiring system to deliver the power from the solar panel to the output device.

Solar panels have different types depending on the cost and efficiency you want and need. Monocrystalline solar panels is one type that is at the top of the tree. It is possible the most expensive type of solar panel but it is by far the most efficient. What makes this panel so good is that it uses a very pure type of silicon generated in a complicated growth process for the silicon crystals.

The middle ground for solar panels is possibly Polycrystalline. This type of panel is sometimes called Multi-crystalline solar panels as they consist of a range of Polycrystalline cells. This form of solar panel is less expensive and less efficient than the type using Monocrystalline cells. This is down to the fact that the cells are not grown in a large block of many crystals.

The Amorphous solar panels are not constructed from crystals like some other types of panel. These Amorphous solar panels have a thin layer of silicon coated on a base material, like metal or like glass. This type of solar panels tends to be less expensive than other market options however they are not so efficient in harnessing the energy from the suns rays.

Solar panels are a real option and a potentially good investment to help save money and energy. After the installation and set up costs that can be expensive and off putting, the payback will work for itself. For homes and small business solar is a real solution to meet the demands of trying to find lower costs energy and reduce your energy bills.

Using renewable energy is key to sustainably fuelling our homes in the future. For expert advice on solar panels for homes and feed in tariff schemes contact Absolute Solar and Wind.

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