July 1, 2012

Getting Fit with Vacations, Vintage Bicycles and Best Friends

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Getting fit and active is hard for some people. We all say that we’ll start exercising tomorrow but let’s face it tomorrow doesn’t happen. There are many ways in that you can be active and get fit. Exercising can be fun whether it’s going for a nice walk, rollerblading around the neighborhood or riding your vintage bicycles with your loved ones.

Bicycling can be fun! Getting fit can also be done anywhere and at anytime. If you are going on vacation schedule in some time with the family to get out there and moving. Many places around popular vacation spots have equipment that you can rent such as canoes, kayaks and bicycles. Vacation time is a great time to be active with the family.

You can also start to get fit at home. Buying yourself something new will help motivate you to get moving and start exercising. You won’t want your new purchase to go to waste! Buy yourself a new pair of roller blades, new weights, new sneakers or a new bicycle. Whatever you want to buy yourself will help you to get going and make a move.

Starting to get fit and active is way easier when you have a friend doing it with you. Grab a friend and go on morning walks around the block, sign up for some gym classes, or start biking with your new city bikes! Get up and get moving with your friends!

Go on vacation and explore what’s around you with rented equipment. Buy something new for yourself to use while exercising. And lastly don’t forget to bring a friend along for your new exercising journey.

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