August 16, 2011

Garden Care Made Simple with the Right Gardening Tools

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There are many variables you need to have knowledge of when it comes to gardening tools. Even though some of them look quite like tools used in large scale agricultural applications, there are plenty of different gardening tools available for purchase. You will find that most gardening tools for home usage are simple to use and can be electrically powered or manual. The location of your garden is the first thing you need to decide on if it is your first foray into the world of gardening.

It is critical to understand that your requirements will often be determined on how easy it is for you to get to all the areas of your garden. It’s not unusual to have two tools that perform the same function, except one has a long handle and another a short handle. It all comes down to what you like more.

The regular old lawn rake isn’t always associated as being helpful with other aspects of gardening. Yet they can also be ideal for other areas of your garden that you may not have considered. Lawn rakes are different to other types of rakes in that they usually have a fan-shaped head with lots of small plastic rake teeth, rather than the metal alloy types with only a few wide prongs. Clearing fallen leaves from out of your garden beds is easy throughout the fall with a garden rake. A rake is also a great tool for spreading a layer of mulch around delicate plants more easily. Rakes can be large or small, plastic or metal, so you’ll find one that suits your needs. For clearing away debris and fallen leaves from between plants, you can even buy rakes with very narrow heads. Every garden can benefit from a compost pile, which is a great option for any keen gardener. The right garden tool to turn your compost regularly will be a pitch fork. You’ll find having a pitch fork can be a very useful tool for other jobs around the garden too. For turning compost or loosening compacted soil, a spading fork is also a good idea. Starting a new garden or reworking a current garden bed could require a square spade. With a square spade, you can easily turn over the garden bed quickly ready to place your new plants. Larger garden tools, like spades or forks, should be made of good quality materials that will endure any job you have to get done.

A great tool to help improve soil quality or loosen heavily compacted soil is a soil crumbling tool. A soil crumbler is self-explanatory really; it allows you to crumble hardened soil to a finer level so it’s a much better growing medium. You can also use a soil crumbling tool to mix compost through the soil so it’s spread evenly across the garden bed. You won’t just be crumbling soil, but you’ll be aerating it at the same time, which is very beneficial for all plants. Crumbling tools come in a range of different designs. It’s possible to add extra parts to your tool to help you keep your digging depth consistent.

The right gardening tools can seriously make your gardening efforts much simpler and give you better results. That way you get to enjoy always having a gorgeous, healthy garden filled with flowers, vegetables, fruit or anything you want to grow.

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