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May 7, 2018

Flower Photo of the Day: Wild Flower

A few nice Flower images I found:

Wild Flower
Image by -Reji
This flower seen at the historic Suntemple at Baalbek, Lebanon attracted no attention or was of little significance for visitors to that heritage site. Tired after spending about fthree hours strolling along the mamoth and fascinating pillars,walls and ruins of huge stones,
I saw this wild flower bloom on that feeble plant growing on the divide of a huge rock on which I was sitting.

Yes, beauty is everywhere.. and in unassuming manner it is spread in our very same surroundings. But we need to look at them to see and enjoy…

Image by Mr. Ducke on my way home..

Flower I
Image by Sjoerd van Oosten
Flower closeup. Unknown type.

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