January 19, 2013

Finding the Right Concealed Carry Holster

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Once you make the choice to wear a concealed carry pistol, you need to answer a few questions. You need to decide what type of firearm you will buy, where on your body will you wear it, and the type of holster will you carry it in.

The inside the waistband holster is attached to your belt with clips or loops and can be placed anywhere around your waist. This kind of holster will leave only the handle of the pistol above your waist. The inside the waistband holster offers quality concealment and very simple access, but they do not allow you to tuck your shirt in. However, you shouldn’t worry because there are also a few inside the waistband holsters that allow you to tuck in your shirt.

The outside the waistband holster is very similar to the inside the waistband holster except that it is worn on the outside of your pants. These holsters are not easy to disguise and usually require wearing a coat, vest or a longer shirt. The good thing about outside the waistband holsters is that there is no need to look for larger size pants.

A small of the back holster is perfectly suited for concealing bigger handguns, but they are nearly impossible to access if you are sitting down driving a car. These holsters get a bad rap for causing spinal injuries. If you fall and land face-up, having a gun barrel against your spine will cause serious injury. This is why most police departments have regulations against these holsters for their officers.

Once you elect to wear a concealed handgun, you should purchase an excellent holster to go with it. Be certain that your holster is from a reputable company and that your holster is comfortable to wear. Blackhawk, Galco, De Santis, and Don Hume Leather Goods are some manufacturers who generate excellent holsters. Another option is to get one custom made to fit you and your handgun. Getting one custom fitted to you will give you a wearable holster that completely suits your needs. Two of the best custom holster makers are El Paso Saddlery, and A Touch of Yellow Leatherwerkes. Custom holsters cost about the same as a mass marketed holster, however, they take a little more time to make.

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