December 9, 2012

Essential Travel Guide To Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country that combines modern comforts and leisures with traditional sights and experiences, and it is one of the most visited countries in South East Asia. In fact, Malaysia placed ninth in the United Nations World Tourism Organizations list of 10 most visited locations in the world.

Best time to go to Malaysia

There are two peak seasons in Malaysia, namely between the start of December to the last weeks of January, which coincides with the winter holidays in most locations in the Northern hemisphere, and start of to mid-September, which coincides with school holidays in other areas of the world. If you would like to steer clear of throngs of tourists, be sure to choose dates that don’t fall in these months. Getting around these busy months will also let you cut travel and accommodation ependitures.

Things to See and Do in Malaysia

There are a number of stunning nature parks in Malaysia and there are a number of expeditions offered from reasonably priced day tours to more expensive, weeklong immersions. Malaysia is also home to numerous breathtaking beaches that offer excellent diving opportunities. You can also find a number of zoos, with Taiping Zoo and Zoo Negara being few of the notable ones. Malaysias capital is ideal for visitors who are looking for more contemporary attractions and activities. The famous Petronas Tower and historically significant buildings are truly worth going to too.


There are plenty of accommodation options for tourists . There are budget, mid-range, and five-star hotels in various towns and cities around Malaysia. Just like the majority of budget accommodations, not all are reputable so be sure to read reviews before making your reservation for one. Almost all islands have world class resorts and spas for tourists with deep pockets. The good thing about Malaysia is that even their five star hotels are less costly than equivalent accommodations in other nations. Select a hotel according to your budget, convenience, and other requirements.

How to Get Around

There are numerous transportation options in Malaysia. You can travel by train, bus, or taxis. However, if you want to travel around main towns and cities in a convenient and relaxed manner, a private car hire service is worth taking into consideration. There are numerous companies that offer this service in Malaysia, and they vary in terms of price so it is advisable to shop around first. Fortunately, a number of these companies have their own websites, which lets you hire a car ahead of your travel date.

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