July 17, 2012

Egyptian Tourism

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The Egyptian tourism is playing very important role in life of Egyptians, Honouring the Egyptian peaceful revolution, ITB’s esteemed organizers decided to make it the theme of the upcoming edition of the ITB. This is extremely important for us, said Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour at the meeting at which they signed the agreement, adding, we stand by our business partners and will be honoring all our agreements. He noted that as the sector contributing most to the Egyptian economy tourism would continue to remain important.

The livelihood of one in seven Egyptians depends directly or indirectly on tourism, its main source of income.

The tourism authorities have reacted quickly and adjusted their promotional campaigns to accommodate recent events. Taking as its slogan Welcome to the country of the peaceful revolution, a campaign has been launched focusing on a peaceful new beginning. The previous headline “Egypt – where everything began still holds true but, according to Amr El Ezaby of the Egyptian Tourism Board, in the present tense it takes on a new meaning. Egypt – where everything begins is the slogan now.

The demonstrations at the end of January caused a huge decline in tourism. However it is already beginning to recover. There were no visitors in February, but Abdel Nour hopes to secure their return in May. Tourism will be back to previous levels sooner than expected.

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