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June 29, 2010

Canadian Builders Association Looking Green

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The Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) are not happy chaps on the moment! There is concern within the industry that building codes are being compromised by means of programs that weren’t designed in Canada and that are replacing Canadian based mostly standards.

The newly growing interest in inexperienced homes and sustainable vitality has meant that several new green programs and requirements in building and home building have been launched that should not have CHBA approval.

Their concern is centred on the brand new LEED-H standard that is currently being developed in Canada by the Canadian Green Building Council. The CHBA are concerned that municipalities will regulate the building of latest houses by insisting on LEED compliance, thus circumnavigating the CHBA system of codes and standards.

The vp of CHBA identified that the LEED requirements are developed by a non-public group to suit their own agenda, and that this isn’t the means building standards are introduced within the country. He added that the codes and standards development processes are rigorous, clear and involve quite a lot of accountability.

Interest in homes with high-energy effectivity and sustainable constructing practices has prompted several new ‘green’ applications and requirements to be introduced in Canada.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The LEED standards are primarily based on five principal categories: power and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality, materials and resources, sustainable sites and water efficiency.

Currently they are only utilized to commercial and multi-housing construction, but now requirements for LEED -H are being developed to incorporate domestic housing.

CHBA has developed an overview for home housing; R-2000 was launched twenty years ago and has had a number of updates since then. Its mandate was to build super energy efficient homes; a criterion that has introduced international demand for Canadian home designs from all over the world. Countries corresponding to Chile, Ireland and Russia are just some of the countries which have used Canadian building consultants and expertise.

However, builders have stated that back home in Canada, the R-2000 was a tough sell. Rather than spend extra money on vitality efficiency, potential home homeowners would decide to spend their money on upgraded finishes, which gave more visible enjoyment.

As with many green issues, until the Government step in to legislate and demand types of energy-saving, by law, home house owners the world over will often choose to spend their house owner’s money on visible appeal.

The CHBA have stated that it’s time to upgrade their R-2000 customary to serve its authentic purpose which was to supply an elite customary of vitality and environmental performance that will stimulate innovation inside the home constructing industry.

Sounds like something has stimulated innovation within the Canadian Home Builders Association….?

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