solar panels

August 5, 2010

Build Homemade Solar Panels And Make Your Own Electricity

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solar panels
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A solar panel is an interconnected congregation of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, intended to produce electricity. A single module of photovoltaic cells can only create a definite amount of wattage, which is not enough to supply power to the whole house. Hence, several modules or photovoltaic arrays are required to generate larger electrical power, and also to supply low- potential heat. A homemade solar panel installation is an assortment of small solar panels, panel batteries, interconnection wiring, and an inverter.

Materials Necessary To Build Homemade Solar Panels:

Solar cells are the essentials required to build solar panels. These are really small cells consisting of silicon molecules that react to sunbeams and generate power. To make these panels, use plywood as a foundation, copper wire to attach all the solar cells together, and an appropriate substance to construct a frame for the whole structure. Also, you must ensure that the structure is completely weather-proof.

The Basic Process

Building homemade solar panels is no rocket science. A general understanding of the procedure and a well written manual is all that is required. 


*  To start with, place the solar cells on the base with best possible gaping. Mark the photovoltaic cells and make holes in the foundation   board for the copper wires that will help connect the cells together.
*  Fix the cells to the foundation board, and cautiously line them together taking help from the manual you are using. Do not forget to put another board over the copper wiring to guard it from breakage.
*  Build the frame of the homemade solar panel, put the board with the cells into the frame, and attach a glass for the front cover safely.

Once you are done with the whole procedure, you should have a professional-looking solar panel ready for use. You are now left with the only task of linking the panel with an appropriate battery arrangement that will help supply electricity to your home.

Some Useful Advice For Building Solar Panels

Take One Step At A Time

When trying to build a solar panel, do not rush into things. The best way to begin is to first construct a smaller solar panel. Like this, you will get better acquainted with the whole procedure including the shortcomings that you may face. Once you are done making a smaller panel, you will be able to do more justice to your bigger project. You can now begin constructing more panels till you attain the number sufficient to supply for all of your electricity requirements.

One of the biggest advantages of solar panels is that they do not require high maintenance. This quality makes them an extremely favorable home improvement project for numerous homeowners. If you are ready to put in the necessary hard work initially required in the making of homemade solar panels, you can actually save a large amount of cash on your electricity bills.

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