December 6, 2010

Brady Road Landfill – Video

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Randy Park, Supervisor of Waste Diversion with the City of Winnipeg takes us on a tour of Brady Road Landfill. Visit to learn more about the Garbage Master Plan. Video Transcript Hello, I’m Randy Park with the City of Winnipeg Water & Waste Department. I’m here at the Brady Road Landfill to show you what goes on here every day. Opened in 1973, this is the City’s only active landfill. Just south of the city, the area available for landfilling is nearly 790 hectares. This is larger than the neighbourhood of River Heights. Every day, an average of 155 garbage trucks go through the gates at Brady, dropping off over 1000 tonnes of waste. Over 105000 small loads are also dropped off every year. Altogether, this equals more than 400000 tonnes a year of garbage. A by-product of all this garbage is methane gas. More than 14000 tonnes of this greenhouse gas is given off every year by the landfill and this is equivalent to annual emissions from approximately 70000 passenger vehicles. Another by-product of the landfill is leachate. Leachate is a harmful liquid produced by moisture filtering down through garbage. Six tanker trucks full of leachate are collected every day and treated at our wastewater treatment plant. Almost one half of our garbage is organic waste. Every year, we throw out approximately 140000 tonnes of organic waste. Only a small portion of this is currently composted. Some of this garbage is recycled. Scrap metal and tires are collected at Brady

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