June 13, 2010

Are Sharks Stopping You From Taking A Diving Holiday?

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A lot of people really do not fancy going shark diving and the fact is I do not blame them. Aren’t sharks some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet? Surely it is easy to see why people are just not interested on putting on the gear and going on one of those Maldives diving trips?

There are a fair number of shark species out there, 375 in fact and there are only 30 out of this lot that have ever attacked humans. Of the 30 mentioned in this list it would seem that just 12 are dangerous. You need to treat them with respect if you encounter them but the main attackers are white, tiger and bull.

The fear of all of this was most likely started hundreds of years ago when humans were scared of all predators. In today’s society it is likely that the fear comes out of the media stereotyping sharks and the opinions expressed in the media are very wrong indeed. We like to control things as humans and we know that if something comes at us on land that we can run, or shoot or escape, the sea is a very different environment.

The fact is that shark attacks happen on very rare occasions indeed as there are only 50-70 attacks a year with the majority of these happening because the shark has mistaken the human for something else. The reason why there are so many survivors when it comes to shark bites is because human flesh is not supposed to be very good to them. You are actually more likely to drown than be attacked.

Diving is something that many people do each year with Sharm El Sheikh diving being one of the most popular out there. Sharks are dangerous but the likelihood of you being attacked by one is very slim indeed, just be careful and you will be fine.

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