April 25, 2013

A Magical Holiday To India

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Do you want a different kind of vacation experience, a location of rich culture and diversity? Then you might be interested to take a tour to India, home to millions of people with different backgrounds, diverse historical, religious and cultural ethnicity. India consists of a wide range of scenery as a country stretches from the frozen barrier of the Himalayas to the exotic plants of Kerala and consists of the sands of the Thar Desert Hills.

India is also well known for their distinctive dishes and spices. Identified as strong and unique, Indian cuisine is rich in taste, aroma and inherited from generations to generations dating back thousands of years ago. The flavour of meals in India can be categorized in to six categories: astringent, bitter, spicy, sour, salty and sweet. India is recognized for its culture classical architecture, art, music and dances. It is no doubt that India is a complex country with rich culture and tradition that is visible through their architecture, religion, clothing and entertainment.

When thinking about luxury holidays to India, an ideal place to start is Mumbai India, also known as the portal of India. This is where Royalty like King George came and Gandhi. Here in Mumbai, you will find such gorgeous scenery, cultural and authentic cuisine that will overwhelm you for several days. Mumbai offers a many galleries, ancient monuments for the historian inside of you, to the shopping and nightlife of celebrations for the shopping fanatic. Along the coastal roads of Mumbai beaches, one can find a bargain or two on the vast showcases of shops, vendors, flea markets and fast food stalls. Festivals are common in India and provide unique travel experiences to all people who take part.

Here are some additional recommended places to travel in India: Darjeeling- Go for an adventure on this unique Indian hill station. Udaipur – Be surprised by the hills and white lake palace. Varanasi – Go for a boat ride over the popular Ganges River. Agra – Check out the gorgeous Taj Mahal. Kanha National Park – Go crazy and choose a ride at the wooded sanctuary.

Indeed, India is a mystical and amazing place for historical bluffs to experience the ancients up close. An ideal destination for experiencing cultural traditions that continue even now. But keep in mind that India isn’t bound to be explored only by people who look for knowledge but also people who simply like to travel and enjoy leisure. India is actually an unforgettable destination to travel.

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